What Are The Stages Of Bronchitis

stages of bronchitis

Bronchitis is an inflammation of the respiratory tubes between the throat and lungs. There are two types of Bronchitis – Acute Bronchitis and Chronic Bronchitis. Acute Bronchitis is a condition caused by viral (or, more rarely, bacterial) infection. Chronic Bronchitis is a more long term and serious condition, generally caused by exposure to smoke and advances in stages of bronchitis. The focus here will first be on Acute Bronchitis.

Acute Bronchitis Stage 1

The most significant symptom of Acute Bronchitis is a persistent cough. The earliest stage of Acute Bronchitis features a dry, non-productive cough. Non-productive is defined as not producing sputum, the mixture of saliva and mucus which can be coughed up from the respiratory system in some cases.

Other symptoms of Acute Bronchitis at this stage can be cold-like symptoms such as mild headache or body aches. Some suffering from Acute Bronchitis also suffer from fatigue and/or shortness of breath.

Acute Bronchitis Stage 2

As the infection spreads into the lower parts of the respiratory tract, the cough generally becomes productive, meaning that sputum is now being produced during the coughing. The color of the sputum will usually be an indicator as to whether this instance of Acute Bronchitis is viral or bacterial in nature.

If the sputum produced by the coughing is clear or white, this is characteristic of a viral infection. If the sputum is either green or a yellowish gray, this is usually characteristic of a bacterial infection.

Acute Bronchitis Stage 3

A few days after the cough becomes productive in stage 2, a person suffering from Acute Bronchitis will usually be rid of the active virus or bacterial infection, assuming proper treatment. Stage 3 is the aftermath of the infection. Despite not being actively infected with the virus or bacteria, a person will continue to cough for several more weeks. The cough during stage 3 is due to the damage done to the respiratory tubes during the course of the previous infection.

All in all, stages 1 and 2 tend to last for somewhere in the vicinity of a week to 12 days, and stage 3 will linger for a few weeks after that.

Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis also has a series of stages associated with it. However, these stages deal more with quality of life of the sufferer than the symptoms themselves. Chronic Bronchitis is one of the underlying conditions associated with COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Both Chronic Bronchitis and COPD can range in intensity from something manageable on a day to day basis to fatal to someone suffering from them. The stages of Chronic Bronchitis are as follows:

Chronic Bronchitis Stage 1

Stage 1 of Chronic Bronchitis is characterized as the respiratory system operating at about 80% of normal capacity. A normal life expectancy would be projected.

Chronic Bronchitis Stage 2

Stage 2 of Chronic Bronchitis is characterized as the respiratory system operating at between 50% to 75% of normal capacity. Some day to day functions may be impaired.

Chronic Bronchitis Stage 3

Stage 3 of Chronic Bronchitis is characterized as the respiratory system operating at between 35% and 45% of normal capacity. At this point, moderate to severe impairment results, and medical treatment is essential to preserve the sufferer’s well being.

Chronic Bronchitis Stage 4

Stage 4 of Chronic Bronchitis is characterized as the respiratory system operating below 35% of normal capacity. At this stage, a sufferer is also dealing with low blood oxygen levels, and even with intensive treatment, time is limited for this person’s life.

How To Pick The Right Aquarium Stands

aquarium stand

Picking out your aquarium stand is probably going to be an addition to your fish tank because you probably bought your fish and fish tank first before ever thinking about needing an aquarium stand. They are lovely
and add fresh dcor to any room. There are a few important things you need to take into consideration when shopping for your aquarium stand before you pick one out.

Factors affecting choice of stands

Basically, it is necessary to have a sturdy aquarium stand such as 30 x 12 aquarium stands. You want this so that your filled aquarium will be safe and sound with all of the equipment and dcor that will be in it. Many people just really do not think about how heavy an aquarium really gets after everything is put in it but they really weight a lot. There are a variety of 55 gallon aquarium stands though. So, how are you going to decide on what you will purchase for your new tank and fish?

There are glass and acrylic aquariums. Glass aquariums weigh almost three times as much as acrylic aquariums and require a much sturdier, dependable stand to hold them up properly and securely. So, it is vital that if you have a glass aquarium sitting at home that you really search around for an aquarium stand that will definitely hold not only the weight of the glass aquarium but of the weighted and filled glass aquarium.

Types of stands

You have two choices for your aquarium stands. Open or closed stands. It really depends on the type of tank you already have as to which aquarium stand you will need to choose.

Most all closed stands will handle the weight of the filled glass aquariums and the acrylic aquariums. The open stands are made in a variety of materials so if you choose one of these then you have to verify that it will easily support the weight of the glass aquarium without it swaying in any way or making the legs bend at all. Wood is a good sturdy choice. There are also metal stands that come pretty cheap but they are not always as decorative or sturdy as the wood choices. Both stands usually always have either cabinet space or a bottom shelf that is wider than
the top to support the stand.

The open stands will work for either but you need to make sure that if you use one for a glass aquarium that it will support the weight of the filled aquarium so it will not break the stand or fall over, especially on anyone. This is
especially important if you have pets or children that may bump into the stand on occasion.

Where to purchase stands

Aquarium stands can be found on the Internet, in fish stores, some department stores and in aquarium supply
companies. Make sure to shop around and compare prices. You can usually find discounts and coupons to apply towards your purchase. Even the online companies will frequently offer free shipping to those making
large purchases. One consideration to make is whether you want to put the aquarium together or not. Do you want it put together for you already or can you handle if it arrives in a box for you to assemble?

You can find aquarium stands in multiple places, including the Internet, fish stores and aquarium supply companies. Comparing prices is important so you dont pay too much. Keep in mind that even though a stand may be
considerably cheaper online, the cost for shipping may bring the cost higher than if you just buy the stand outright in the store. Do searches online and around the local stores for coupons, discounts and maybe
even free shipping. Also decide in advance if you are willing to put the stand together or if you want it preassembled. Picking out your aquarium stand is a fun thing to do but the most important thing is
going to be making sure that the piece you pick out will support your fish new home without any shadow of a doubt. Looks and decor will be your second priority

Baking Bread Is Easy With The Right Breadmaker

right breadmaker

Bread making machines are one of the most significant advances in kitchen appliances. They are more versatile than their name implies and they come with a broad range of features and prices. So how do you choose the right breadmaker? How do you choose the best that suits one’s circumstances? It can represent a sizable dollar investment, as well, so it is worth taking the time to consider your options by reading resources like a sunbeam breadmaker review carefully.

What does a Breadmaker do?

A bread machine takes the ingredients, mixes them together and allows the dough to rise and then bakes it in under 3 hours or less! Depending on the type of bread you wish to make, making a fresh, piping hot loaf of bread may be as simple as adding the ingredients and pushing the START button.

One of the features available on some bread machine models is a Delay Start function. You load the required ingredients, set the timer, and the bread machine will bake the loaf, timing it to end when you want it. This means you can wake up to a hot loaf of bread in the morning or come home to one after a tedious day at work. What a luxury! It is important to keep in mind that perishable ingredients such as milk or eggs are not suitable for use with the delay start feature. You should choose your bread recipe accordingly.

What a breadmaker does not do

The bread machine does not remove the bread after finishing. Some bread models have heat or cooling function. It does not make the warm bread blurred after grilling. Not all machines have this feature.

How does the baker work?

Bread is a large metal box with a bowl or bowl in the mixing / raising/baking area. In some models, the containers can be removed and in other, it always stays in the machine.
On the outside of the machine, there is a control panel where various settings, baking time and temperature are altered.

See the control panel that is easy to read, to use and understand, except that it’s easy to find and easy to find. It often takes a few buttons to set the cycle, colour, delay and power switch.

Practical Factors for Easy Use of Breadmaker

Baking Bread Is Easy With The Right Breadmaker. Breadmaker panels which are removable make it easy to clean. Removing bread crumbs reduces the amount of crumbs and flour entering the machine. It also facilitates cleaning of small amounts that fall.

Some bread makers have a bottom box at the lower part of the device. For all bread manufacturers, it is important to remember to put the mixer in the pan before adding the ingredients. If you forget, you must reject them and start over again. (Else, you will be an unfortunate camper if you forget that!)

Another important factor for comfortable use of the breadmaker during grilling is to add the ingredients into the bowl in the correct order. Every bread maker is something different, and his manual must provide the necessary information.

Guide To Choosing The Right Leaf Blower

Guide To Choosing The Right Leaf Blower

Taking care of your lawn during the year can be a bit of a nagging chore. Most of us turn our eyes at the thought of getting out there with a mower and cleaning everything up. One tool that is essential to this type of job is a walk behind leaf blowers. When you deal with a lot of trees in your yard, you will work with a lot of leaves. Take a look at this great buying guide to find out what you need to do to purchase the right blower.Take a few minutes to check up on the checking account and see how much cash you have to spend. These leaf blowers, depending on the brand and style are not going to be too expensive for you.here are some ot the Guide To Choosing The Right Leaf Blower
do some research

Choosing the right one

Do some homework and find out which models there are out there and what type of job you need to be done. If you have a larger set yard, you are going to need something that can get the job done without getting you all day long to do it. The internet will be one of the best resources that you have on your side today so make sure to do your investigation this way to save time.

Power consumption

The amount of power that you will have to use will also be a determining factor in your purchase. Choose to walk behind leaf blowers that you will be able to handle on a power level. If you do not have a lot of work to get done each month on the leaves and debris in the yard, you do not need a heavy duty blower. A more portable one such as the Husqvarna Leaf Blower may do the trick. Just scan the yard that you have and go from there. All of the gas that you use to drive your car can certainly take a huge chunk out of your budget. When shopping for walk behind leaf blowers, take a look at the amount of gas that each blower uses up. The one that uses up the limited amount of gas is usually the one that will be the mist efficient. This type of research will set you a head in the long run.

Workability of the leaf blower

If you have neighbors that like to keep things quiet, buying a leaf blower that does not emit a lot of noise is going to be a good idea. Believe it or not, there are blowers on the market today that will not make much. This will allow you to work in the morning or even in the evening when the sun has gone down, and the overall temperature has gone down at least 10 degrees. do all of your shopping for leaf blowers online. There are many major retailers that will offer online deals that you will not find in any of the stores you walk into! If you are worried about the transportation, you can easily seek out a site that gives shipping as a complimentary service for purchasing a brand new leaf blower.You can easily find walk behind leaf blowers without spending too much money. If you are in the market and need to do some yard work, the internet has exactly what you are looking! Take the time to look around and find out who has the best blowers for your money!

How To Buy A Window Fan For Your Home

How To Buy A Window Fan

Today solar power has become quite popular as a green source of energy, and now
you can purchase a solar window fan. In fact, you can use these fans within
your home, at your business, or there are even options for your automobile as
well. They are a great way that you can reduce the pollution, and they will
also save your money as well.

How to choose a window fan

Before you purchase these types of fans, few things have to be remembered which
will allow you to buy the best one. There are varieties of options regarding
these kinds of fans. It depends on your choice; you can buy either the solar
box fan that runs with the help of solar power or the one that has other
facilities in it.

Or course, these fans are not big, but large enough to go in a window of your
home. Once you know how to install a window fan you’ll be able to cool off the home without having to use any
electricity, which is saves money. When you are looking for a solar window fan,
you probably want to find a fan for using at home.

However, you will find that there are window fans that are solar powered that
can go in your automobile. They can fit well in the car window and help to cool
off your car. This is one of the many options available, but this is for your
vehicle. We should be more careful while buying them for our homes.

The next question that will strike in the mind of everybody is, from where to
purchase these fans from. In the market, you will find some retailers that are
engaged in selling these types of fans.

One can also find them at the home improvement stores. If you have the internet
with you, you can straightforwardly get this particular item. The cost of these
fans varies according to the size of the fan and many other things.

Whole House Window Fan

For several previous years, there was an increase in the consumption of energy.
There were a lot of people that got crazy in buying some of the appliances for
their houses. Some of the appliances are fans, air conditioning system and a
lot more. They had bought such things like these since they wanted to lessen
the hotness caused by weather. Incontestably, it is painful for them.

A right kind would be something that is made from steel materials as it is more
useful for taking the hot air off in the room. And unlike plastics, it is good
for the environment too.

How does it work

The procedure goes by pushing out the warm air that is trapped inside the room
to go outside by using the whole house window fan. It will then let the fresh
air from outside to go in to make the room cooler.

It could also be a good partner for the air conditioning system where you could
use this appliance as a supplement and for cutting down the energy consumption.
You can do it by switching first the air condition when the air outside is
cold, and then you could have used the window fan immediately. By this way, it
also has the same experience of cooling by utilizing the air conditioning
system alone.

By comparing it to other stuff out there, it is an environmentally friendly
appliance. As we could see, it consumes per hour for about 800 watts or can
also be lower than that than the 6000 watts hourly that are consumed by the air
conditioning system. The not so good thing about this one is the fact that it
also creates noises especially if it is in the high speed like the air
condition system.

It is a fascinating thing for people to have this appliance at their homes. It
is a good choice for people that live in humid areas. The whole house window
fans are great choices for the homes.

How To Buy A Car Jumper

how to jump start a car

A car jumper is used to charge a vehicle that is unable to start due to low battery charge. Car jumper comes to handy, when you’re stuck in a remote area with low battery charge in your vehicle, the jumper comes with two pair of cables with crocodile clips at both their ends. Where one end of both the cable is connected to another vehicle’s battery, power source, or jump start power bank while the other end of both the cable is connected to the car’s battery. This way when the power is switched on, the battery in the car gets charged up and the vehicle is ready to start.
To buy the most powerful jump starter, it is important to carry out some research to get the best product that will help you when you’re need. Below are the tips that are to be followed while buying a car jump starter.

Things to see when buying a car jumper

When buying a car jumper, it is important to look into their specifications and choose the most predominant product. Some of the main aspects to look into while getting a car jumper are as follows.
1) The battery capacity to hold power. More capacity means it is used for many different tasks, where you can charge your gadgets and smartphones while on the go.
2) Check the cables and clips, there should be 2 cables with decent length attached with 2 crocodile clips at both their ends.
3) Car jumper power banks with USB ports are an additional advantage to charge your smartphones and other gadgets, as mentioned earlier.
4) Check the voltage of the jumper, whether it produces the right amount of volt for your vehicle and the cable that transforms current from the power source to the vehicle’s battery.
5) The last and important point is to check the warranty of the car jumper, so that in case if there is any internal damage occurs to the product, the seller replaces you with a new product on claiming the warranty.

To investigate and gather reviews

In order to buy a good car jumper for your vehicle, always check the reviews of other car owners and investigate them about buying a good jump starter. Ask them how long they are using the current jump starter in order know the quality of their car jumper. You can also check websites, that sell car jumpers to know the customer reviews on the product. They also describe about their product in detail, to make the buyer easy to understand the quality of the product.

How and where to buy?

Once you have gathered reviews on buying a car jump starter, ask your friends, neighbors and colleagues, regarding where you get the best quality product. Now from the series of options given, hit the web browser and search about the options to know which among the given options is more convenient and good for your vehicle. Some of the top rated websites to buy car jumper and other vehicle spare parts are Amazon, Autozone, Spareshub and AutoPortal.

Tips For Improving Your Instagram Marketing


Branding is essential for any company in this world to grow and expand. The role of social media cannot be denied in branding. Social media defines your social status and popularity among people. There are a lot of online social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Youtube and much more which became essential for companies and local businesses to use to get more leads. Instagram is widespread amongst the mobile users. It is among the safest platforms to do Instagram influencers marketing of physical products. Here are some of the magical instagram marketing tips for improving your Instagram marketing by which you can give wings to your local business via Instagram.

1. Share interactive images

Instagram is a place where millions of photos are shared every day. If you post similar images as everyone else does, then you are not going to fetch anything from it. Your images must be interactive, stand out so that people will like it and recommend it to their friends.

2. Engage with audience

The audience is the player, and if you do not engage with them, then you will lose your customer. Reply to his/her comments. Bade thanks to them for liking your post. This will give them a chance to meet a real-life guy who can provide them service. Customers like service people who listen to them.

3. Cleverly share promotional content

Never forget your main motive. The main motive is to promote our products and services. You should cleverly post your promotional content with the normal content. Ask your followers questions so that they should interact with your services. Once they start interacting and replying to your posts. You can redirect them to your business website without any hesitation.

4. Follow relevant business related users

Follow people with same interest and follow their competitor’s followers. These are the people who liked your competitor. Not only competitor but their services too. There are many possibilities that those people will follow you back. See what your competitor posts and make better images than that. Post images, engage with your customers and then make a business from them.

5. Give positive responses to negative feedback

If we are posting promotional content, it may happen that people will criticize you. It may be because of the bad experience. You should reply that being with absolute importance and explain him politely and provide him extra service. That will attract more customers.

6. Build relationships with your fans

Relationship building is very important for any business especially in the online market otherwise the customer will switch to other vendors. Building relationships with your customers are important. You can also hire Instagram influencers for Instagram influencers marketing to grow your market.

Always make it a point to remain active through the social networking channels by sharing informative contents, posting latest business updates, announcing new sales offers and more. Instagram marketing is usually free, but it can be time-consuming. At the same time, traditional automotive advertising methods like print ads and TV commercials can be expensive. So, it is always best to devise an optimal strategy that combines the best of both traditional and digital marketing techniques.

How A Portable DVD Player Entertains You On A Trip

Portable DVD Player Entertainment

How A Portable DVD Player Entertains you on a trip. Have you ever thought about buying a portable DVD player? if not, it’s a great device to have and will come in handy on numerous occasions, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Today there are hundreds of portable DVD players on the market that you can choose from to when going about obtaining one. If you don’t own already and are looking to buy one, below are some of the ways of how a portable DVD player entertains you on a trip.

1. You can listen to your favourite songs or music videos on the go

A lot of times while heading out of town, or even on your daily commute, you get so bored and irritated, with nothing to do but look through the bus window or probably sleep for most of the journey. We are all aware of how annoying that might feel and if it’s up to your cell phone, you might as well, don’t play with it too much, as you’ll need it to make important calls and so on.

With a portable dvd player long battery life on your trip, you can have a huge game changer while travelling; where you are fully entertained with your latest music collection, that you probably just bought or even some of your favorite music videos would do an awesome trick on your trip. Watching your favourite R&B videos while on the go is super fun. The fact that most portable DVD players can run for 5-8 hours means that you’ll be getting loads of entertainment while travelling to your favorite destinations.

2. Watch a great movie while travelling

What’s better than to be travelling back home or even to a destination and watching the latest or your favorite movie while you do so? well I can’t really think of anything esle right now, and we all love to watch a good movie and to have one wacthing on the go, via your portable DVD player is a real blast on any day that you go about travelling. A modern portable DVD player can watch approximately 3-5 movies before the power runs out, so you can bring a few of your favorites or even something new that you just bought along with you, which will surely get you more excited.

3. Watch your favorite youtuber compilation

Youtubers are taking over the globe with their awesome vlogging and most of us have our favorites that we watch almost everyday. A great way to stay entertained while you travel, would be to compile all your favorite youtube videos onto a DVD and bring it along with you to have a fun and entertaining trip. Be sure to get proper permissions before compilling videos so that you do not breach any copyright laws. Vlogging is a fun thing to watch and it’s even more fun while you travel and watch it on your portable DVD player!
These are some of the fun ways of how a portable DVD player can entertain you on a trip. So if you’re frequently bored or tend to sleep too much while you travel, then these might be some good tips to get rolling with as you enjoy traveling from time to time. Whether you plan to go by land, air or sea, a portable DVD player is an awesome gadget to bring along with you, to keep you entertained.

Guide To The Best Electronic Door Locks

Guide To The Best Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are the latest improvement on the conventional locks. They can easily be opened remotely by using an app. For further security, safety and protection, users are also able to integrate them with home automation system. They can therefore be categorized under the ‘smart’ technology. For instance, your alarm system may detect flood in your basement and alert you while you are away. You can simply call your neighbor for help. Regardless of where you are, you can easily unlock your door for your neighbor to remedy the situation and when he/she is done, you can lock it again. For convenience, these door locks are really a smart technology and complement other smart devices at home. The following electronic door lock reviews give an example of the latest door locks recommended for optimum smart service.

1. Yale Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt

These locks are effective in connecting to your home automation system. They are highly flexible. They look perfectly luxurious, with a push button keypad choice and the latest capacitive touchscreen, especially in lever lock and deadlock designs. It holds a maximum of 250 user-selected codes as well as providing entry via conventional key.

Yale lock is highly compatible with –wave and Zigbee independent mesh networks, infiNET Ex, propriety mesh network and Creston Pyng hub which is user-friendly. It can therefore connect to your smartphone, PC or Tablet without Wi-Fi bandwidth use. It also integrates with Control4, Honeywell, Elk, Alarm.com among other home security and automation systems.

2. Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo smart lock looks like their keyed locks but have high-tech functionality. Uses both Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bluetooth. Users are able to unlock their doors using their smartphones or included keyfob.

This lock is Android and iOS compatible which only relies on Bluetooth, thus no need of internet connection. When you approach with your smartphone, the lock senses and unlocks the door.

Two devices having full access eKeys can be granted to share the unlimited number of guest eKeys. The kevo app allows you to monitor activities of your keylock and manage ekeys. �Lost Phone’ option will disable phone access of the lock. You can use it to make your energy usage optimal and set temperature preferences.

3. SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

The SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad lock is cheaper but highly rated on Amazon. It easily substitutes many conventional door knobs, holding eight passcodes that are user programmable, controllable by your original master code. Its low-battery indicator allows you to know when you are supposed to replace its batteries. It can lock from outside automatically after three seconds.

4. Samsung Digital Door Lock

This door lock can be used as a component of entire Samsung Smart home system. Samsung lock can easily integrate with Samsung home solutions like security sensors, video camera, smartphones among others. You can connect the system to Samsung smartphone to have access and control on even notification, remote entry functions, visitor check among others.

You can still enjoy many features and options if you use it as standalone lock. For instance, you can lock it via RF card, passcode, finger print, smart tag and simply via the standard key. For more security, you can select the options of passcode and finger print authentfication for easy access. The door will lock automatically when you leave.

5. August Smart Key Lock

August Smart Key Lock neither uses access codes nor keys, despite the name. It discretely substitutes many single cylinder deadbolts in securely providing access to your house via Android or iOS devices. It works independently over your home Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The app will send you a reminder if the AA batteries of your lock are low. They can therefore continue to function, even in the absence of power.

You can give virtual keys to family and friends. The time their keys will work varies. For instance, your child’s keys may work for six hours a day while your own key works all the time. Its log record indicates anyone entering or leaving your house and the time it happened. It enables you to keep track of everything happening in your home.

August Connect can be coupled with August Lock to access your lock from any given internet device. This will enable you receive ongoing notifications on who is entering your premises and who is leaving and the time they are doing so. It will also enable you to lock or unlock your door using any device that uses internet as well as connecting your lock to smart devices available in your home.

In a nutshell, the latest electronic door locks are the best and most convenient to use in the today’s era of technological advancements and information. The above discussed are only a few of them. you can have your best choice from a wide variety. Otherwise, you should expect maximum service from any of them.

The Awesome Benefits of Gamification in Education

3By now many teachers have realized the awesome benefits of gamification in education. Not only are kids more engaged and have better classroom retention, it also provides a fun and less intimidating atmosphere where they can learn and reach their full potential. Those who have tried it can attest to the fact what an effective instructional tool it can be.

However, there are still those who have reservations and are apprehensive in using it. It’s not surprising really because as with anything new that you do not fully understand, it’s easy to get intimidated. This must not stop you though from helping your students help themselves. Once you’ve mastered the basics and gotten some help from the experts, you’re well on your way to a better and more efficient learning environment for your kids.


If you’re serious about using gamification in education, there are certain things to consider especially in the development process. That is aside from getting the best laptop for the purpose. You can read the best college laptop review for guidance in choosing the best laptop. This typically involves programmers, game designers, sound engineers, and graphic artists, among others. The games also have to be tested many times to make sure they are running smoothly and are glitch-free.


So Little Time, So Much to Do


Another thing that’s keeping educators from adopting such concept is the time constraint. As it is, they are already loaded with classroom management, grading, lesson planning, professional development and other important aspects of these children’s learning process. Having their hands full, they barely have the time to plan out and implement an effective game production. Good thing the answer is just one click away. All you have to do is type in “educational games” and voila! Countless articles, videos, and free games are at your disposal. The only problem now is sorting out all your available options to suit your students’ needs.


Here are some practical tips how you can make this process easier:


Select a Game


Now it’s time to relate this to your educational games. You need to determine your desired learning outcomes along with the cognitive process associated with it so you can choose which game is more suitable for what. Which one will be good for memory recall? How about evaluation or analysis for that matter?


Develop your Game


Now you either you come up with a game of your own or utilize an existing one. The web is flooded with resources, including templates you can use to guide you through the development process of your digital game.


Be Creative with your Gamification Approach


Be careful with badges and don’t easily give them out as trivial rewards. Instead, this must be something of value, because they have truly learned, demonstrated and understood something very important. Remember, the purpose of gamification in education is to motivate, inspire, engage, and recall application.


The road to better education is not without its challenges, but if each one is willing to change for the better, the task will not be as daunting. This dream can be achieved, one passionate educator at a time.