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10Women have a lot of things going on in their bodies that some they even have no control with. one of the things that are exclusive only to female sex is menstruation, and this occurrence alone brings with it a dozen of questions. There are times when you will notice that you have some vaginal discharge but not in the form of a menstrual blood. And most of the time, it even comes in different forms and amount. Since you are no expert in this field of study, you often wonder what this could mean. Is it something normal or something you have to be worried of? To answer your question in complete details, visit this link here:

Vaginal discharge could be classified into three things: a white milky discharge, a thick white discharge, and an excessive usually brown discharge. And among these three, which one is normal, and which one could mean a whole lot different? The article explains in full details the difference of the three discharges that you may experience. But what is the importance of knowing these?


  1. To stop worrying.

Worrying is like a rocking chair that gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. Some of us are not knowledgeable on what the discharge could mean and therefore could give us worries. We may think of things that may not be necessary and it will only consume our thoughts. On the other hand, you need to know that it could even prevent us from working properly on our day to day activities when we keep on thinking about it. Once we know what it means, we are given somehow a guarantee that nothing wrong is different about us.

  1. A possible sign of pregnancy.

The discharge, depending on its consistency, could be a symptom that you’re pregnant. As long as it is clear and has no odor, the discharge is considered to be normal. It may even be common after sexual intercourse which could be caused by the male ejaculation, the vaginal lubrication, and/or of the cervical mucus. If you’re looking forward to being pregnant, you must pay attention to the discharge and if coupled with other symptoms, take a pregnancy test to verify. And a thick white clumpy discharge is another story and could prompt you to consult a doctor right away.

3. Underlying health complication.

The brownish discharge of the vagina or the one with a discoloration could either be caused by blood which may be normal, or it could be caused by an infection. Spotting or bleeding might be normal but it could also mean a different thing especially if you’re pregnant. The fear of possible miscarriage could be confirmed by bleeding in a huge amount of blood. The excessive discharge may also only mean that you’re ovulating and is, therefore, normal, or you might be undergoing some form of stress.

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