Dress the Part If You’re Into Extreme Sports

5Your motocross lifestyle shouldn’t pause once you leave the dirt tracks. Branded apparel like AnsWer pants let you dress down and still pull off a rugged image. You can’t have it any other way; extreme sports shouldn’t be just a hobby if you live to chase the next adrenaline rush. Even if you’re a newbie who’d rather take your pace and focus on one sport, you’ll eventually be lured towards rock climbing, parasailing, skydiving, skateboarding, and street luging once you’ve experienced the highs that come in achieving something most people would opt out for. You can take your pick of events, but if you prefer to pit yourself against motorized machines, then you’ll find motocross events exhilarating.


Your safety should come first, though. Even the veteran motocross riders are garbed in full gear before they head out to the tracks. No one would call you a sissy if you invest in premium gear brands like AXO. Safety gear is a prerequisite to participation, at least for sanctioned motocross events. If you believe you’ve logged enough hours of solo practice that you think you can hold your own against a pack of competitors, then you should sign up for an amateur motocross event. Make sure your gear passes the safety standards, though; these usually go through intensive stress tests to determine durability. Canvass for options before you assemble your gear.


You shouldn’t settle for lesser brands if your safety is on the line. The best brands are always certified by regulating agencies; you’re guaranteed your gear is tempered against extreme wear, tear, and shock. Safety comes first when you’re on the track, especially if you’re so bent on the race you’ll do risky maneuvers just to pull away from the pack. AXO boots, gloves, helmets, shin, knee, and elbow guards ensure you’re protected from the scuffle. Even if you have the sense to keep your limbs close to the bike, you can’t predict how the riders’ mishaps affect your fate on the event. Invest in proper safety gear if you want to walk away from the track unscathed.


You also need to buy a sturdy and durable motorcycle jacket to keep you safe and protected not only from the harsh elements you may come into contact with as you ride along but also from falls. You can easily find the best motorcycle jacket under $100 online. Just make sure it’s made of durable materials that will not easily tear, is comfortable to wear, and stylish, too.


In case your fashion sense is an extension of your motocross lifestyle, you can dress the part even if you’re wearing casual and everyday clothes. Apparel brands like Pilot, AnsWer, and Dickies offer a variety of cuts and styles for all physiques; you can stash your gear in your locker until you need it for the track. Don a pair of Black Flys sunnies if you want to complete the getup.


Motocross events draw crowds of speed-hungry competitors and fanatics. Invest in safety gear and apparel and let your peers know you mean business.

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