Guide To The Best Electronic Door Locks

Guide To The Best Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are the latest improvement on the conventional locks. They can easily be opened remotely by using an app. For further security, safety and protection, users are also able to integrate them with home automation system. They can therefore be categorized under the ‘smart’ technology. For instance, your alarm system may detect flood in your basement and alert you while you are away. You can simply call your neighbor for help. Regardless of where you are, you can easily unlock your door for your neighbor to remedy the situation and when he/she is done, you can lock it again. For convenience, these door locks are really a smart technology and complement other smart devices at home. The following electronic door lock reviews give an example of the latest door locks recommended for optimum smart service.

1. Yale Real Living Electronic Touch Screen Deadbolt

These locks are effective in connecting to your home automation system. They are highly flexible. They look perfectly luxurious, with a push button keypad choice and the latest capacitive touchscreen, especially in lever lock and deadlock designs. It holds a maximum of 250 user-selected codes as well as providing entry via conventional key.

Yale lock is highly compatible with –wave and Zigbee independent mesh networks, infiNET Ex, propriety mesh network and Creston Pyng hub which is user-friendly. It can therefore connect to your smartphone, PC or Tablet without Wi-Fi bandwidth use. It also integrates with Control4, Honeywell, Elk, among other home security and automation systems.

2. Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo smart lock looks like their keyed locks but have high-tech functionality. Uses both Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Bluetooth. Users are able to unlock their doors using their smartphones or included keyfob.

This lock is Android and iOS compatible which only relies on Bluetooth, thus no need of internet connection. When you approach with your smartphone, the lock senses and unlocks the door.

Two devices having full access eKeys can be granted to share the unlimited number of guest eKeys. The kevo app allows you to monitor activities of your keylock and manage ekeys. �Lost Phone’ option will disable phone access of the lock. You can use it to make your energy usage optimal and set temperature preferences.

3. SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock

The SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad lock is cheaper but highly rated on Amazon. It easily substitutes many conventional door knobs, holding eight passcodes that are user programmable, controllable by your original master code. Its low-battery indicator allows you to know when you are supposed to replace its batteries. It can lock from outside automatically after three seconds.

4. Samsung Digital Door Lock

This door lock can be used as a component of entire Samsung Smart home system. Samsung lock can easily integrate with Samsung home solutions like security sensors, video camera, smartphones among others. You can connect the system to Samsung smartphone to have access and control on even notification, remote entry functions, visitor check among others.

You can still enjoy many features and options if you use it as standalone lock. For instance, you can lock it via RF card, passcode, finger print, smart tag and simply via the standard key. For more security, you can select the options of passcode and finger print authentfication for easy access. The door will lock automatically when you leave.

5. August Smart Key Lock

August Smart Key Lock neither uses access codes nor keys, despite the name. It discretely substitutes many single cylinder deadbolts in securely providing access to your house via Android or iOS devices. It works independently over your home Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The app will send you a reminder if the AA batteries of your lock are low. They can therefore continue to function, even in the absence of power.

You can give virtual keys to family and friends. The time their keys will work varies. For instance, your child’s keys may work for six hours a day while your own key works all the time. Its log record indicates anyone entering or leaving your house and the time it happened. It enables you to keep track of everything happening in your home.

August Connect can be coupled with August Lock to access your lock from any given internet device. This will enable you receive ongoing notifications on who is entering your premises and who is leaving and the time they are doing so. It will also enable you to lock or unlock your door using any device that uses internet as well as connecting your lock to smart devices available in your home.

In a nutshell, the latest electronic door locks are the best and most convenient to use in the today’s era of technological advancements and information. The above discussed are only a few of them. you can have your best choice from a wide variety. Otherwise, you should expect maximum service from any of them.