Helpful Tips for Choosing a Cologne Fragrance

13Looking good is just one part of improving a man’s appeal. It’s merely the visual aspect of self-improvement that gets addressed. Oftentimes, plenty of men forgets that they also need to make sure that they smell great. At the very least, they can put on a few dabs of cologne that can last them an entire day. There’s nothing particularly wrong with sporting a natural smell. Assuming that one doesn’t have sweat that naturally makes them reek. But the point of wearing cologne is to stand out from the rest and have some sort of advantage socially.

Wearing cologne can make or break a first date. It can also help a man be with the company of his friends or peers for longer periods. Unfortunately for those who are yet to pick a fragrance that suits them, choosing one from the practically limitless options may be a bit difficult. Here are some helpful things to consider in order to pick one that’s close to ideal as possible.

  • Some colognes last longer, some don’t.

When picking a cologne fragrant, it’s important to consider how its top, middle and base notes smell. The top or head note is the sharp smell of the cologne the moment it is applied and a few minutes aafterwardThe middle or heart note is how the cologne usually smells for the most part of the day. The middle note is considered by many as the most important classification because it’s the actual smell that men wear for the rest of the day. The base smell, or the scent that has already settled along with one’s pheromones, is not necessarily the most subtle. Being already mixed with sweat, some men would find that some colognes become stronger and are complemented by their sweat. When colognes that end up smelling great during their base note is tested, it’s a good idea to put on less than usual so that the middle note doesn’t last too long and fast track to its base note.

  • Consider classic brands and fragrances.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with newer brands. But the classics have the advantage of being brands that were manufactured without compromises. Shortcuts and shortchanging consumers weren’t as widespread as it is today. On the other hand, manufacturers then had the passion to produce only the best fragrances that they can come up with. However, the classic fragrances aren’t immune to modern commercial practices. So, one way to make sure that a brand is reliable is to check websites like and other similar ones to get plenty of helpful tips and reviews.

  • Avoid insanely expensive and ridiculously cheap fragrances.

For the most part, it’s wiser to avoid cheap options because they are likely to contain ingredients that aren’t up to standard or perhaps diluted heavily with water. Conversely, the most expensive options may be priced the way they are because of the label they carry. Again, it’s a good idea to check out helpful sites to find a good middle ground.

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