How To Pick The Right Aquarium Stands

aquarium stand

Picking out your aquarium stand is probably going to be an addition to your fish tank because you probably bought your fish and fish tank first before ever thinking about needing an aquarium stand. They are lovely
and add fresh dcor to any room. There are a few important things you need to take into consideration when shopping for your aquarium stand before you pick one out.

Factors affecting choice of stands

Basically, it is necessary to have a sturdy aquarium stand such as 30 x 12 aquarium stands. You want this so that your filled aquarium will be safe and sound with all of the equipment and dcor that will be in it. Many people just really do not think about how heavy an aquarium really gets after everything is put in it but they really weight a lot. There are a variety of 55 gallon aquarium stands though. So, how are you going to decide on what you will purchase for your new tank and fish?

There are glass and acrylic aquariums. Glass aquariums weigh almost three times as much as acrylic aquariums and require a much sturdier, dependable stand to hold them up properly and securely. So, it is vital that if you have a glass aquarium sitting at home that you really search around for an aquarium stand that will definitely hold not only the weight of the glass aquarium but of the weighted and filled glass aquarium.

Types of stands

You have two choices for your aquarium stands. Open or closed stands. It really depends on the type of tank you already have as to which aquarium stand you will need to choose.

Most all closed stands will handle the weight of the filled glass aquariums and the acrylic aquariums. The open stands are made in a variety of materials so if you choose one of these then you have to verify that it will easily support the weight of the glass aquarium without it swaying in any way or making the legs bend at all. Wood is a good sturdy choice. There are also metal stands that come pretty cheap but they are not always as decorative or sturdy as the wood choices. Both stands usually always have either cabinet space or a bottom shelf that is wider than
the top to support the stand.

The open stands will work for either but you need to make sure that if you use one for a glass aquarium that it will support the weight of the filled aquarium so it will not break the stand or fall over, especially on anyone. This is
especially important if you have pets or children that may bump into the stand on occasion.

Where to purchase stands

Aquarium stands can be found on the Internet, in fish stores, some department stores and in aquarium supply
companies. Make sure to shop around and compare prices. You can usually find discounts and coupons to apply towards your purchase. Even the online companies will frequently offer free shipping to those making
large purchases. One consideration to make is whether you want to put the aquarium together or not. Do you want it put together for you already or can you handle if it arrives in a box for you to assemble?

You can find aquarium stands in multiple places, including the Internet, fish stores and aquarium supply companies. Comparing prices is important so you dont pay too much. Keep in mind that even though a stand may be
considerably cheaper online, the cost for shipping may bring the cost higher than if you just buy the stand outright in the store. Do searches online and around the local stores for coupons, discounts and maybe
even free shipping. Also decide in advance if you are willing to put the stand together or if you want it preassembled. Picking out your aquarium stand is a fun thing to do but the most important thing is
going to be making sure that the piece you pick out will support your fish new home without any shadow of a doubt. Looks and decor will be your second priority